The Shows

It was at Clapham Common during the end of 1990 that Archaos was at its peak of success. The show was sold out every night at it was the talk of the town.
The Last show On Earth and the Bouinax show came together for The Completion, marking the end of  The Last Show on Earth and the Chapito de Cords.
There was an American tour being planned so Pierrot decided to keep the elements of the Bouinax show to tour America in a show called BX-91.
The new show with a new tent was to be called Metal Clown. Everybody was on a high and the only was was up. Consequently the show would have to be
bigger and better than ever before.



Metal Clown - The theme of the show

The original idea was the show was to be an introduction to an even bigger spectacular Transpire et Machanique that was planned for the following year, 1992. Metal clown would have themes of the discovery of Brazil, street life and domestic violence mixed in with the usual Archaos formula of shock, chaos and the contrast between love and violence.

The Artists

The artists usually circus school trained performing “traditional” circus skills. Including 5 flying trapeze artists.  Bensalam  a  Moroccan hand to hand acrobatic trio . Gerard a juggler. Jean Marie a motorbike and car stunt man. Shaun the BMX bike boy,  Ana and Rachael perch trapeze. Jayson, Boris and Christian, leaders of the metal Clowns later to be replaced by just Boris.

The Brazilians

A group of  18 Caporiera dancers  and musicians from Biha Brazil

 The Band

The Thunderdogs, a London based new age traveller anarchic rock band with lots of energy and some very talented musicians and sound engineer. They had already recorded a C.D just about every track was used to support the action on the piste.


The Tent

The tent was of gigantic proportions. Perriot had been working with a team of engineers and the circus school at Chalon to build a full size 3 mast flying trapeze rig on a articulated trailer. Like everything else in the show it was to be ambulant. It would drive in to the tent then erect within a few minutes the artists would perform, then the structure would have do go back down and exit for the next number. This meant that the tent would have to be 20 meters high, 60 meters long and 40 meters wide to house such a rig and the seating for the public. Most incredible of all, is for this to work there was to be no internal support to get in the way we. It was a dome it’s nickname was the Cathedral

The Piste

To support the trucks the piste would have to be hard standing or a asphalt road would have to be made. A door at either end would have to be high and wide enough to let the trucks pass


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Last Show on Earth

Can you tell the story - please email us

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