The Entropik Association

The Entropik association is born!

 The assoc was created in Dec 2010 through the efforts of Ana Rache de Andrade and a large number of friends who wish to be involved in promoting the life, works and spirit of Pierrot Bidon.

 Entropik has the following objectives:

- Inform, communicate and promote the works of Pierric Pillot, known as Pierrot Bidon

- Record, protect and create an archive of all related material concerning his life and work

- Create and produce exhibitions, audiovisuals, signage, brochures, books, images, tv programmes etc relating to his work which can in the long-term provide a central resource

 Your help is crucial and necessary!

 We need donations: small or large sums of money (cheques can be sent to the address below, made out to Association Entropik), personal stories, photos, film extracts. All will be useful in achieving our mission. First of all we’ll have to set up, get the necessary equipment and resources, then we’ll have to research, find our way and observe.

We already have contacts in Seyne-sur-Mer, Arles, Paris, Polans – in short, it’s promising.

Many thanks

 Jean-Jacques, Ana Rache de Andrade & Francesca Pollock

You can contact Entropik using this email address and/or joining the facebook group: Pierrot Bidon




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