Cirque Bidon/Early Archaos




Were you part of the early Archaos Family? Could you write something to add to this page and/or send us photos/films to put up? please email us if you can.


Archaos had its roots in the French horse circus:  Circus Bidon a group of twenty-strong youth who all took the surname of Bidon and were united by a desire for adventure and life on the road.

In the mid 1970's and early 80's  their convoy of nine horses pulling trailers through beautiful villages traipsed deSud France et of Italy. There was no boss, no producer, no contract, no box office, no tickets. outdoor shows have been given away free, round hat was passed at the end and the public was encouraged to give whatever they could.

One of the artists was Pierrot , a tightrope walker, clown-clarinetist and chicken-hypnotist

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