Welcome to the Archaos Circus archive. 

On this site we are archiving  the incredible French  Circus Archaos which roamed around Europe (mostly) in the late 1980’s early 1990’s creating beauty and destruction wherever they went by blowing up stuff, juggling chainsaws and inspiring a generation. The site is dedicated to the memory of Archaos founder and father Pierrot Bidon and the other clowns, artists and technicians who are no longer with us.

You can explore the archive by opening the map and looking at the pins which when rolled over reveal a story/image or film, the pins are laid out in different colours representing different aspects of the archive you can switch on and off. You can navigate in and out of countries/the world. Alternatively you can view each colour of pins in the Map Index or the images and films in the Library.

Pierrot Bidon was a circus legend and you can explore his life’s work with other shows and circuses both on the map and on the pages under his name.

 Lastly we hope you will take the opportunity to add to the archive your own memories, stories, images, and film. Were you inspired by seeing Archaos or any of Pierrots other shows? Let us know by adding a pin to the easy to use Your Memories part of the map..

Why not start your journey by watching this short film which will give a taste of the sites content.

 The Archaos Family xx





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